Hi! I’m Nick.

I founded PeopleFish in 2016. We’ve surveyed more than 1 million consumers for 300+ clients. I’m passionate about startups, marketing, and asking the perfect questions to better understand the world.

When I’m not designing surveys or working with startups, I’m outside with my kids, playing piano, tinkering with side-projects, and exploring Florida beaches.

Current Projects

PeopleFish™ (2016- )
Survey your target market. Your questions, real-world consumers, data-driven insights

SurveySays (2020- )
Ask any question to 300 real people. Get the answers you need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Incentivist (2020- )
Send digital giftcards now, pay later. Designed for market research teams.

MailThis (2020- )
Skip the post office. Send snail mail from your device. Upload your document, specify address, and we’ll send your letter via USPS® right away!

Market Research for Startups (2020- )
A free, comprehensive guide for startup market research.