I’m Nick. I’m an entrepreneur and market research consultant. I’m passionate about branding, bootstrap startups, and asking the perfect questions to better understand the world.

📖 My Story

In 2016, I quit my consulting job in DC to start my own business.

I was 25 years old with a new born at home. I had no savings. Almost everyone told me it was a bad idea, and to be honest—they were probably right.

But it worked.

In 2018, we landed a big contract with Procter & Gamble.

In 2019, we completed projects for SpaceX, Axios, Getaround, Alexander Mann, McKinsey, CallRail, MIT, Stanford University, and the US State Department.

In 2020, we passed $1 million in revenue and surveyed more than 1 million consumers.

Now I’m focused on new things — building new brands that connect what I love doing with real-world problems, and creating instructional content for entrepreneurs.

When I’m not working or tinkering with new ideas, you’ll probably find me playing piano, reading a book, or exploring North Florida beaches with my kids.


🛠️ My Projects

I quit my “real job” in 2016. This is what I’ve been doing ever since.

A market research agency for startups. Your questions, real consumers, data-driven insights.

Survey 300 real people. Get the answers you need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Send digital giftcards now, pay later. Designed for fast-moving market research teams.

Send snail mail from your device. Upload your doc, specify address, and send via USPS® right away.

✍️ My Writing

I’ve blogged consistently on this site since 2011, and I’ve been published on various topics by outlets across the web. I write on startups, market research, technology, productivity, economics, and theology. Here are some of my best essays:

My Fundamental Argument Against Socialism (2020)
Optimism is Not a Choice—It’s an Obligation (BeYourself, 2018)
Net Neutrality: Gov Can’t Know the “Correct” Price for ISP (Mises, 2017)
Public Accommodation and Social Engineering (Mises, 2014)
Is Religious Adherence Bad for the Economy? (First Things, 2014)
Even the Feds Admit Minimum Wages Cause Unemployment (Mises, 2014)
Risky Business: When Numbers Mislead (FEE, 2014)