July 2012

How You Contribute to Monetary Inflation

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking to a small gathering of churchgoers about the causes, dangers and morality of monetary inflation—a topic about which I wrote recently. The audience was great and followed up the presentation with several thoughtful and challenging questions. One in particular stood out: “Are there ways that we—well […]

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Where Money Meets Morality

If there’s one political issue that puts America to sleep, it’s monetary policy. Yes, most will concede that monetary policy is important. But the fact is, between all the M1s, M3s, CPIs, PPMs, and Vt=(nT/M)s, the average person gets lost in what appears to be a hopelessly complex system of regulation and statistical modeling. This […]

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Power Outages and the Invisible Hand

You’d think that downed traffic lights would cause chaos, confusion and road rage on steroids. Aren’t human beings too greedy and self-serving to be allowed to drive without traffic lights at even the smallest of intersections? But my experience in the aftermath of a terrible storm last weekend proved that selfish human beings are far […]

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