January 2014

I got published: Securing Economic Progress: A Lesson from Robinson Crusoe

I got published at ValuesandCapitalism.com. I wrote about the prerequisites of economic progress. Property rights are an essential ingredient for economic progress. If human beings doubt that the fruits of their labor will remain theirs to use as they wish, they will be less likely to work so hard gathering resources and more likely to […]

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I got published: Economic Progess: Don’t Take it for Granted

Assuming that next year will automatically be better than the last is a bad idea. Read why in my new article at ValuesandCapitalism.com. History shows time and again that significant economic regress is possible. Unlike in America, economic relapse and distress have lasted for decades in many regions around the world, not just for the […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Save and Sacrifice Now to Flourish Later

My wife is a nurse. Every evening, she tells me stories about her patients. One day, she told me about a patient who quit taking her insulin. She was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and decided she didn’t have time for insulin shots. They were painful. They took time out of her day. For her, the […]

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