A New Vision

I first created this website intending it to become my online writing portfolio. I wanted to keep all my published articles in one place in order to show prospective employers, find more freelance work and keep my pieces organized.

I’ve since learned this is a pretty sorry way to promote my stuff. Not only were my grandparents the only people who ever visited the site, but I shouldn’t really be re-posting entire articles here anyways–submitting them for publication almost always means giving up rights over the article to the publisher.

That said, I’m going to start blogging here. I’ll keep my professional writing portfolio on the “Articles” page for future reference, but this site will primarily be for my blog. By doing this, I hope to write more often and explore subjects I’m interested in but not necessarily qualified to write about for a magazine or journal.

I’ll also be working on the format of the blog over the next few days. I like simple blogs, but I want to link most of my online professional and social media accounts to this page.