Response to my Brat article’s critics

I’ve noticed that comments on my piece at The Freeman today have been largely negative. Most of the negativity surrounds my claim that immigrants don’t come to the United States to become unemployed, and will therefore stop coming en masse when there are no jobs for them. I’m wrong, the commenters say, because immigrants are […]

I got published: David Brat’s Bad Immigration Logic

I got published today at The Freeman on David Brat’s bad immigration logic. I haven’t been published at The Freeman before, so that’s cool. I’m sad to have to call Brat out on this issue, but facts are facts. He’s just dead wrong. And as an economics professor, he has no excuse. If, like he says, immigration […]

Cantor. And Brat’s wrong on immigration.

The New York Times Editorial Board laments the fall of Eric Cantor to “little-known resident of the distant extremes” David Brat. They’re no fans of Cantor, but Brat, they say, is even worse. Two thoughts on this piece. 1. Eric Cantor epitomizes corporatism. His top five donors this past year include Blackstone Group, Scoggin Capital Management, Goldman […]

Why inequality hawks (and their opposites) frustrate me

Paul Krugman’s June 1 New York Times op-ed “On Inequality Denial” makes me mad. In it, he criticizes Financial Times editor Chris Giles for his allegedly flawed critique of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century. He writes, We have two sources of evidence on both income and wealth: surveys, in which people are asked about […]