I got a new theme

As you can see, I found a new theme for my blog. This one is much more modern. I’ve noticed the big thing in online journalism lately is to let the content (not the environment) set the tone — minimize distracting widgets to emphasize the content. As someone far too eager to fill in blank space for the sake of filling in blank space, this wasn’t easy for me to do. But you’ll notice that the new themes allows me to highlight my social media via buttons on the left, which let me remove the cumbersome “Follow me on Twitter” widget from my blog.

Any thoughts? Web design and WordPress are hobbies of mine. I don’t code, but I love tinkering around with WordPress themes and building websites.

One thought on “I got a new theme

  1. I do like this newer, cleaner layout better than your old one. However, I also really liked your recommended book list. Maybe you could include that via a tab on the left hand side?

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