A new blog theme, again

Regular readers of my blog—all three or four of you—probably noticed that I changed the theme of my blog. I realize that my old one was only three months old, but I wasn’t sold on the theme I had chosen. It was too busy. I used to like that, but I’ve changed my mind.

My new theme is called Ryu. It was designed for readability. It’s clutter-free. It leaves absolutely no distractions from the content in each post. My hope is that this helps emphasize the quality of my writing, in addition to the ideas and theories behind my work. Having links to my favorite blogs on the side-column in my old theme was nice. It helped people, I think, see where I’m coming from and the thinkers that influence me. But in the end, it only distracted from my own work.

I’m unabashed about my desire to become a writer. I want to put my existing content in the best light possible. I hope this theme does that.

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