The most interesting man in the world

I love reading biographies. One of my favorites is Simon Fuller’s. Thought I’d break it down and share it here. Could he be the single most accomplished person on the planet? The most interesting man in the world? I think yes, but I’m open to other suggestions. … Simon Fuller began his career in 1981 […]

Stop saying the world is getting worse

I don’t like hearing about how the world is getting worse. About how we can’t do things today that people supposedly did before because things are just unsafe or dangerous. I don’t like hearing this because it isn’t true. Here are some ways the world has gotten decidedly better over the past several decades. Crime has fallen […]

Why Interstellar annoys me

*MILD SPOILER ALERT* I finally saw Interstellar last night. Good movie. But here’s a rant on why movies like it annoy me: They ignore the biggest problem facing a group of people trying to decide how to save the world—the collective action problem. For example, most people in Interstellar suffer from apparent mindlessness. Not the main characters, […]

What the others are saying

Here’s a quote from a speech given by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last Saturday at the XXII Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy in Moscow. I’m posting this because it’s helpful to broaden our horizons every once in a while with regard to where we get our news. This speech has some significant […]

The world is running out of chocolate!

Just came across this strangely horrifying news: The world is running out of chocolate! No, you say, there must be some mistake. Don’t chocolate producers keep things like this in check? Won’t the laws of supply and demand make sure we have all the chocolate our hearts desire? That’s what I thought, but much of […]

The Fed to investigate itself for regulatory capture

I’ve written before about regulatory capture at the Fed. Now even the Fed has been forced to respond, but they still don’t seem to take all this seriously. According to Fortune, William Dudley, who heads the New York Fed and is consequently responsible for supervising most of the country’s largest banks, will tell a Senate committee later […]

Stick to the budget

Jorg Guido Hulsmann writing in today’s Mises Daily: But it’s not sufficient that the people tell government officials what they should be doing. It is equally important, if not more important, to dictate how much money the government will have to achieve those ends. So, it is not enough to tell the government that it […]