The most interesting man in the world

I love reading biographies. One of my favorites is Simon Fuller’s. Thought I’d break it down and share it here. Could he be the single most accomplished person on the planet? The most interesting man in the world? I think yes, but I’m open to other suggestions.

Simon Fuller began his career in 1981 at Chrysalis, working in both publishing and records. He signed Madonna’s first hit to his company’s label, but left soon after to start his own company. This company, 19 Entertainment, grew to become one of the most successful music labels in Britain. He sold it to CKX, Inc. for $200 million in 2005, but continued to act as CEO of the company. He did this successfully, delivering a profit of $92.5 million to his parent company in 2008. This launched him to a directorship at CKX. He then gained creative control over all of CKX’s assets, which included the Elvis Presley Estate, Muhammad Ali’s business interests, and various other iconic rights properties.

But this wasn’t enough for Fuller. He left CKX to once again start his own company, XIX Entertainment. After just three years, XIX had a valuation of $100 million with offices in London, Los Angeles and Nashville. As of today, XIX manages dozens of the world’s most valuable celebrity brands, including The Spice Girls, David Beckham, Marc Antony, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler, Aloe Blacc and Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1).

But neither was this enough for Fuller. He’s also a fashion icon, having brought to life the Victoria Beckham dress collection, which highlighted the New York Fashion Week in 2008. He created the David Beckham bodywear line in conjunction with H&M in 2012.

I could go on and on, but I guess a mere list will have to suffice to note other of his major accomplishments:

  • Produced more than 500 Billboard #1 hit singles
  • Created American Idol (Fox)
  • Created So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)
  • Worked with Honda to create the world’s first “green” Formula 1 racing car
  • Manages 2013 Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins
  • Mastermind behind a new global whiskey launch with leading British drinks company Diageo
  • Discovered and brought to fame the late Amy Winehouse
  • Honored by UN Secretary General, UK Prime Minister, and the Prince of Wales for his charitable efforts
  • Maintains a portfolio of real estate in Europe, North America and South America
  • Has a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Perhaps most unbelievable is that Simon Fuller was born in 1960, which makes him only 53 years old. Who knows what else he might accomplish?

(My information here comes mostly from Wikipedia, but also from some other reputable sources around the web.)

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