An update on “rape at UVA”

Early last week, I wrote a post on why I didn’t believe Rolling Stone’s piece on rape at UVA. The story was simply too odd. The characters’ behavior didn’t make sense.

Now even the Washington Post is skeptical. And Reason. And Slate. And Richard Bradley of Worth Magazine.

I’m going to stop short of saying I was right that the story didn’t happen as reported, but I think it’s safe to say I was right to be skeptical. At the least, Rolling Stone failed to do due diligence in reporting this story. At the most, it’s a big hoax.

This is sad. If rape really is a problem at UVA, then Rolling Stone has only made the whole thing worse with this poor reporting. Allegations of rape will be taken even less seriously if the story turns out to be fake. But even if it’s proven true, the story was written poorly enough that any future exposés like this will be hard to pass off without significant attention to detail, the likes of which isn’t easily accomplished by just any journalist with a story—even a credible one.

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