A great, new-ish photo resource for bloggers

Anyone who’s spent more than a few hours putting together a new blog or website knows how hard it can be to find good photos. Not only is the right subject and resolution hard to come by, but photos on the internet are often protected by copyright and not available for re-use on your website […]

God Blessed Texas

Here’s an interesting chart from AEI‘s Mark Perry. Another highlight from the piece: The other 49 states and the District of Columbia together employ about 275,000 fewer Americans than at the start of the recession seven years ago, while the Lone Star State has added more than 1.25 million payroll jobs and more than 190,000 non-payroll jobs […]

Specifics on Cuba

From earlier today, some specifics on changes to U.S. law regarding Cuba. Here’s one notable highlight for those interested in traveling to Cuba, or investing in what’s sure to be one of the world’s most up-and-coming real estate markets over the next decade or so: In all 12 existing categories of authorized travel, travel previously authorized […]

The new “I, Pencil”

Here’s a great essay channeling an upcoming paper by Luis Garicano and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg. Highlights below: There is a problem, though. None of these master explicators have so much as word to say about how the pencil comes into being. Nor, for that matter, does most present-day economics, which remains mainly prices and quantities. … In […]

Draghi makes his case

Mario Draghi making the case for more stimulus to combat disinflation in Europe: The risk cannot be ruled out completely, but it is limited. The important thing is what inflation rate people expect over the medium term. Since June, we have seen that these expectations have declined. If inflation remains low for a long time, people might […]

Some perspective on oil

Vaclav Smil at AEI shedding needed light on the oil price drama: Falling oil prices have been called shocking, unprecedented, and (most incredibly) a highly regrettable development that will end the rise of American stock market and create unrest and uncertainty around the world. However, what we are experiencing is the eighth oil price decline […]