What is a p-value?

I took statistics in the twelfth grade. I didn’t do well, but that because I wasn’t trying. I do remember learning about p-values, though, and using them do hypothesis testing. Then in college, I took business statistics. We learned all about p-values and used them in class probably every day. Two years later, I took […]

Brian Williams’ shame

Christian Christensen with a superb, critical analysis of just what we get wrong by lending Brian Williams’ apology any ear—namely, that we make a bigger deal of his fake story and half-hearted apology than the true tragedy of a war that Williams and his colleagues cheer led from the beginning. Given that Williams works for […]

A note on “net neutrality”

I don’t know much about the ongoing net neutrality debate (which I gather is to end when the FCC passes new rules this month), but it appears to me that a major reason behind the FCC’s push for “net neutrality” is a general complaint that internet service providers (ISPs), which often face little competition in […]