Explaining my absence

I haven’t written much lately. Actually, I haven’t written at all lately.

That’s because I’ve been busy, and I don’t like throwing junk up on this blog just to say I posted. Believe it not, I put thought into what I write here.

But I must diverge from my normal run of economic/financial/political/whatever-interests-me commentary and give a brief personal update, because I’ve been crazy (though not overwhelmingly) busy.

I started a job last month. I work at a market research firm in Arlington, VA doing B2B survey analysis. I love it so far.

When my wife and I first moved back to the D.C. area last fall, I didn’t plan to be working while taking classes. After the fall semester, though, I decided I just didn’t have enough to do. Frankly, school isn’t all that hard. I had a great undergraduate training in economics at Grove City College that I think gives me a little edge over my classmates. I can’t say I’m at the top of my class, but I definitely don’t need to study as hard as everyone else. I’m learning tons, though–more than I even expected coming in to the program.

On top of all that, I’ve also been working on a website. I’ll reveal the name soon. It’s taken me quite a while to get up and running (is two months a long time?), but it’s definitely going to pay off. I can feel it!

That’s it. I finally feel like I’ve settled into something of a routine at work, so hopefully I’ll have time to read and blog more in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here’s an interesting post from Bryan Caplan that relates, even if rather obtusely, to something I wrote here a while back.