The gay marriage decision is a good thing for libertarians (and even Christians)

Steve Horwitz (via Facebook) speaks my mind more eloquently than I ever could regarding the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision. In short, here’s why legalized gay marriage is a good thing for proponents of small government, and even for religious people who don’t endorse homosexual relationships. It’s not the state’s job, anyways! What follows, then, […]

Have economists learned anything?

From Gavyn Davies at the Financial Times: Seven years after 2008 crash, there is relatively little sign of a major transformation in the mainstream macro-economic theory that is used, for example, by most central banks. The “DSGE” (mainly New Keynesian) framework remains the basic workhorse, even though it singularly failed to predict the crash. Economists have been […]

On Donald Trump

From RedState’s Erick Erickson: There is also a reality about Donald Trump’s candidacy that you should also not underestimate. People hate Washington, they hate politicians, and they are perfectly happy to champion a candidate who tells politicians to go to hell and provides creative directions on the path there. Donald Trump’s candidacy does not exist […]

Some predictions for 2016

I’ve learned that more than a few people enjoy my political commentary on this blog. I’ve also discovered that writing about political figures (or, to be more precise, citing political figures as keywords in my posts) draws more traffic to the blog. So here are a few thoughts (and predictions) on the 2016 election. 1. Hillary Clinton […]