Cool interchanges and great movies

Here’s a cool Politico piece featuring aerial photos of some of the world’s largest highway interchanges. I hoped to find the Springfield Interchange on this list—one of the highlights of my otherwise-boring morning commute—but to no avail. It serves about 430,000 cars per day, which I guess isn’t enough to earn a spot on this list. […]

Within limits

From Ludwig von Mises: Science does not give us absolute and final certainty. It only gives us assurance within the limits of our mental abilities and the prevailing state of scientific thought. A scientific system is but one station in an endlessly progressing search for knowledge. It is necessarily affected by the insufficiency inherent in […]

Can climate change be good?

Dr. Ivar Giaever has the same thought I’ve had for years. What is the optimum temperature for the earth? Is that the temperature we have right now? That would be a miracle! Maybe it’s two degrees warmer. Two degrees colder. But no one has told me what the optimum temperature is for the whole earth. […]

Why Mises admired Freud

An interesting little note from Jeffrey Tucker in The Freeman: It makes sense if you think about it. Mises was the great champion of subjectivist economic theory, with its radical observation that the whole shape of the world of economics is ultimately traceable to values residing in human minds. Freud did the same for the […]

Groupish, not selfish

From Jonathan Haidt (made known to me by a friend’s Facebook post): Despite what you might have learned in Economics 101, people aren’t always strictly selfish. In politics, they’re more often groupish. When people feel that a group they value — be it racial, religious, regional or ideological — is under attack, they rally to […]

Musings on innovation

Musings on innovation from Mark P. Mills: It’s not that disruption (possibly the second most over-used tech word, after “awesome”) isn’t wired into Silicon Valley’s ecosystem. But foundational economic and social transformations don’t come from making products to compete with cab or power companies; they come from basic research that radically advances our understanding of—and […]