My new course: How to Run a Market Research Survey

You have a product idea, but will it sell? Is it something people want? How much would they pay? Rather than trust your gut, get hard answers to these questions (and others) from real people in your target market. My new course at Highbrow will teach you exactly how to run an online market research […]

More thoughts on fractional reserve banking

I haven’t written about this, or economics generally, in a while. Left my graduate program 18 months ago, and have been too busy with a new house, new kids, and my business to do much reading on economics. But a post in this Facebook group got me going. So here’s a string of thoughts I’ve […]

Monday update (two days late)

I read Brave New World last week, making three books read in three weeks (I’m aiming for one book per week). Wrote some quick thoughts here. I’m reading The Name of the Rose over the next two weeks. Yes, I said one book per week. But this one is long and rather daunting—not realistic for one week. I was […]

Some Thoughts on Brave New World (1931)

The “brave new world” is strikingly similar to our own. Where its rules and designs are stark and defined—ours are subtler, but hardly different. An engineered society. Rules imposed to protect social stability, foremost. Then to repel all insecurities from our fragile minds. Embryos engineered for particular tasks. Persons conditioned to love those tasks, to […]

Five people I follow online

Every day, I’m inspired by people. Most of these people, I’ve never actually met. I know them by the content they publish online. I appreciate every last word of it. Sometimes while chatting with friends, I’m struck at just how much online “curating” I’ve done over the years—following (and unfollowing) people who inspire me to […]

200-word Book Review: What Is the Bible? (Rob Bell, 2017)

Rob Bell wants you to read the Bible better. He wants you to ask, when reading: Why did people write this down in the first place? When you do this, the Scriptures turn from stale to sacred—inspired not just by definition, but truly and deeply inspirational. Bell inspires this perspective with examples. From Moses’ organ to […]