Monday update (7/16)

  1. I read Rob Bell’s What Is the Bible? last week. Wrote a 200-word review of it last night. I’m going to write a 200-word review for every book I read the rest of this year—my way of keeping myself accountable to actually read a book every week.
  2. That said, Rob Bell is interesting to me. I like him. I like his perspective. I once wrote about him in college when everyone around me, at my conservative Christian college, was pretty opposed to his ideals. Here’s a fair and critical review of the book I just read.
  3. This week I’m reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I was supposed to have read this in the 12th grade (I even wrote a report on it), but only skimmed it. Sorry Mr. Beavers.
  4. I have a course coming out soon at Highbrow. Topic: How to run a market research survey. It’s based on a piece I wrote for Startup Grind last October. It’s aimed at aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs.
  5. I’ve been thinking about this piece ever since I read it. An enlightening and convincing piece on how technology and information overload has yet-unknown, and likely very bad, consequences for our minds. Though the author’s proposed solutions are a bit hackneyed, they’re true nonetheless—especially as regards the wellness vs. medicine dichotomy.

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