An exciting announcement!

I’m finally starting a regular publication.

After several years of updating this blog somewhat irregularly, I’ve thought long and hard about how to combine the best of my skills into something interesting and marketable. Something, I hope, people will enjoy coming back to read every time I publish a new post.

What is it?

It’s called Survey Says. A bi-weekly blog series, featuring findings from public opinion surveys designed, fielded and analyzed by yours truly.

Fact is, I’m a survey research guru. You may even say I wrote the book. I consult on survey projects for some of the world’s biggest brands. My company, PeopleFish, fields dozens of surveys per month for clients all over the world.

So I’m putting my skills to use in a new, creative way. Beginning this Friday, I’m going to design, program, field and analyze one public opinion survey every two weeks, asking questions about interesting topics in a fair and balanced way.

My ultimate goal: To reveal our true feelings about big, important issues. Things like gender and race, education and politics, religion and relationships.

What will it look like?

I plan to design, program, field and analyze one survey every two weeks. I’ll spend the first of these two weeks designing and fielding, and the second week analyzing and writing an in-depth post about the findings.

If time allows, I want to accompany each post with a podcast episode (finally giving some reason for my hitherto-confused podcast to exist).

Interesting. What’s in it for me?

Simply put, people who read my posts on these surveys (i.e. you) will be better informed people. You’ll have a better sense of what the public actually believes about big, important issues. You won’t rely so much on half-baked, mainstream media commentary to understand how the world thinks.

Instead, you’ll have the news straight from the horses mouth. You’ll learn from the people what the people really think. And if my experience has taught me anything, it’s that a well-designed survey will yield surprising things about the general public—things you may never have guessed had you used mainstream commentary as your guide.

So there we have it. Check back on Friday for the first post—I’m pretty excited about this week’s topic! If you’d like to get notifications about new posts via email, sign up below.

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