What is Kanye doing?

It’s simple. He’s turning his financial empire into a non-profit. He’s building a church. Because he HATES the music industry stealing from his earnings. And he HATES the government taxing his earnings. And he HATES anyone that’s ever capitalized on his creativity. He’s been saying as much for 15 years, now. So the solution? Become […]

Borg on the three meanings of “faith”

I’ve taken these three points, quotes, and ideas from a poignant sermon by Marcus Borg. It’s on the meanings of the word “faith,” and what the differences between these three conceptions mean for the Christian life. Definitions of Faith Assent (or assensus): Faith as believing that something is true. It’s opposite is doubt or disbelief. […]

Another Marcus Borg selection

I’m on a Marcus Borg kick. Here’s another quote from a superb interview. He’s answering the question: “How do you respond to the criticism that many contemporary scholars are taking away so much. We’ve lost the divinity of Jesus, the inspiration of the Scriptures, no virgin birth, our understanding of the resurrection has been modified. […]

Fatherhood as antidote

Getting married, starting a family, and steadily assuming responsibility for an increasing number of people other than oneself — this is a powerful antidote to existential despair and anxiety. And I don’t think there are many exceptions to this rule. This is something I believe more enthusiastically with every passing year. I think it can […]

Sarah Coakley on how religions compare

Here’s a good interview of Sarah Coakley on how religions compare (or ought to compare) to one another. Here’s a quote from the video that I think summarizes her main point: If you simply look at those clashes as extrinsic doctrinal incompatibilities, then you’re not really getting to the heart of the issue. You have to probe […]


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Economics and the USWNT

I don’t like to let bad thinking go unchecked on social media. Maybe it’s a weakness of mine. Maybe I’m too easily triggered. But I like to think it’s just me taking things seriously that ought to be taken seriously. To that end, I’ve seen about 100 posts commenting on the gender pay gap for […]

My last week, plus a cool trick

Here’s installment number two in my new Monday blog series—worthwhile things I read, watched, or listened to last week, curated for your enjoyment. Things I Read Last Week • This blog produces great, thoughtful content. I’ve followed it for years.• Inspiration for your websites. Remember, when it comes to web design, simple is best. Really […]

My last week

Here’s a different kind of post: A list of worthwhile things I read (or listened to, or watched) last week, curated for your enjoyment. I’ll try to post something like this every Monday—even if only as a way for me to record and later recall these pieces. Joe Rogan interviews Naval Ravikant on balance, technology, […]

What is the purpose of college?

I like this Twitter thread. Wanted to share here (below the divider). It’s the easiest thing in the world to criticize a big institution like this. I get that. It’s imperfect, like all institutions—complaining like this doesn’t accomplish anything. But the average person (who is the most harmed by prevailing misconceptions on this subject) still […]