“You good at Excel?”

Here’s a little secret: I lied to get my first job. The interview went well. The interviewer (my future boss) and I really clicked. At the end, we even spent 10 minutes talking about my studies, my family, even my personal life. I could tell I was going to get the job. But just as…More

Falsehood is easy, truth so difficult.

A few years ago, I was watching a particular event unfold real-time on TV. One of the biggest stories of that year. I got an idea while watching. I wrote a long conspiracy theory about the event and posted it on Reddit that same afternoon. It was completely false. I made up details, and I…More

The end of Ingersoll Lockwood’s “The Last President”

This is the end of Ingersoll Lockwood’s book 1900; Or, The Last President. The book, along with his earlier book Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, contain eerie parallels to the story of Donald Trump’s presidency. Read all of this. Remind you of the events of the past few weeks (and especially today)? The Republican leader…More

How to Graph Van Westendorp Data

I’ve never seen an easy resource on this before, so here you go: How to graph Van Westendorp data to come up with a graph like the one below. If you’re doing this sort of thing all the time, you probably have a macro or some template for running these quickly. But I get lots…More

DBH on the God of Nothing-but-will

A passage for the ages from DBH. If all that occurs, in the minutest detail and in the entirety of its design, is only the expression of one infinite volition that makes no real room within its transcendent determinations for other, secondary, subsidiary but free agencies (and so for some element of chance and absurdity),…More

On Process Theology

I’ve been reading a good bit about Process Theology lately. Lots of essays online, and John Cobb’s Process Theology. I like Process Theology (and Process Philosophy) because I find it to be honest about our actual, real-world experiences, and to not depart from that honesty when hypothesizing about God and the nature of ultimate reality.…More

Merton on the Devil

The selection below is Chapter 13 of Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation. It’s called The Moral Theology of the Devil. The devil has a whole system of theology and philosophy, which will explain, to anyone who will listen, that created things are evil, that men are evil, that God created evil and that He…More

On Cancel Culture

Where did we get this idea that to be admirable, you must never have erred? That to be respectable, you must never have stumbled? That to be honorable, you must never have been shameful? I know people who reject even their own mother for holding “backwards” views on one issue. People who will deny anyone…More

RR Reno on Death’s Dominion

Valuable essay here. A summary selection below: Alexander Solzhenitsyn resolutely rejected the materialist principle of “survival at any price.” It strips us of our humanity. This holds true for a judgment about the fate of others as much as it does for ourselves. We must reject the specious moralism that places fear of death at…More

My Fundamental Argument Against Socialism

Prices are pieces of information that facilitate coordination between actors. They communicate changing supply and demand conditions, allowing actors to make real-time, rational judgments about how they ought to allocate resources if they are to be efficient and if their ventures are to be successful. As Hayek writes, the price system is a “machinery for…More

How sentimentalism steals from your happiness

Lots of people today—especially teens and young people—have an unhealthy obsession with “making memories” and trying to fully realize the value of an experience in real-time while it’s still happening. I call this real-time memorialization. It’s a form of cheap sentimentalism. It’s a way of avoiding the more uncomfortable emotions inherent in all of life’s…More

Politics and Nutty People

Wisdom from Robert Higgs’ Facebook page: When I was growing up, without ever dwelling on the matter, I thought of most people as “normal,” that is, like me. What I saw, they saw; what I felt, they felt. Of course a few were weird, and even fewer were bat-shit crazy, but these outliers dwelled, or…More

What is Kanye doing?

It’s simple. He’s turning his financial empire into a non-profit. He’s building a church. Because he HATES the music industry stealing from his earnings. And he HATES the government taxing his earnings. And he HATES anyone that’s ever capitalized on his creativity. He’s been saying as much for 15 years, now. So the solution? Become…More

Borg on the three meanings of “faith”

I’ve taken these three points, quotes, and ideas from a poignant sermon by Marcus Borg. It’s on the meanings of the word “faith,” and what the differences between these three conceptions mean for the Christian life. Definitions of Faith Assent (or assensus): Faith as believing that something is true. It’s opposite is doubt or disbelief.…More

Another Marcus Borg selection

I’m on a Marcus Borg kick. Here’s another quote from a superb interview. He’s answering the question: “How do you respond to the criticism that many contemporary scholars are taking away so much. We’ve lost the divinity of Jesus, the inspiration of the Scriptures, no virgin birth, our understanding of the resurrection has been modified.…More