How the Fed Makes Unemployment a Good Thing

This article was originally published at on December 3, 2013. Imagine a world where unemployment is good—where fewer people working means more prosperity. Both time and resources would be infinitely abundant. Consumer goods would invent themselves. The standard of living would improve most swiftly when human beings stay out of the way. This world, […]

Placing Blame Where Blame is Due

This article was originally published at on November 29, 2013. In his book “Life at the Bottom,” Dr. Theodore Dalrymple describes the common behaviors that he observes in many of his lower-class patients. Among the most apparent of these is an attitude of “dishonest fatalism”—a consistent unwillingness to accept blame. “The knife went in,” said […]

Material Problems Have Moral Solutions

This article was originally published at on April 18, 2013. Is material prosperity the key to moral improvement? For Marxists, the answer is yes (as explained in my last post). In fact, according to Marx’s narrative, the moral and social ills of society are directly attributable to material poverty. The only way to improve moral life, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Late-Night Debates

This article was originally published by Relevant U on April 4, 2013. We live in a land of opinions. Whether it be gay marriage, Hamlet’s delay or the East-West schism of 1054, university halls, Facebook comment threads and coffeeshops are full of people eager to express their new-found beliefs about every controversial topic imaginable. On […]

The Material and Moral: What Marxism Misconstrues

This article was originally published at on March 21, 2013. Few economists take Karl Marx seriously. His economics, they say, is riddled with basic fallacies, and his political philosophy is more religious than scientific—the product of irrational conviction more than impartial observation. But despite this general distaste for Marxist economics, his belief in prosperity […]

Solving Problems Apart from the Law

This article was originally published by on March 7, 2013. Last year alone, more than 40,000 new laws took effect across the United States. Regulating everything from immigration to happy hours to golf cart traffic, the force of law is quickly becoming Americans’ favorite way to resolve conflicts. And while there are social issues that we […]