Some scattered thoughts on materialism

Materialism is a belief in material possessions as the primary—even only—key to happiness, and even to spiritual growth. Materialism is typically not explicit or conscious (thanks to barely-enduring stigmas), but it most often manifests in our deep psyches as we think about how to pursue this kind of spiritual progress. Or you might simply say […]

How many people have seen a ghost?

That headline is one of the questions covered in the newest installment in my Survey Says series on Medium. I also cover time-travel, the spirit-world, visions, and belief in aliens. Suffice it to say, this was a pretty fun survey. I’m surprised by some of the findings (25% of people have seen a ghost?), but not by […]

Focus on YOU, not the UNKNOWN

We worry so much about the unknown. About things that have never happened before, and aren’t likely to happen at all. It’s why we spend so much on insurance. Home insurance, health insurance, car insurance, renters insurance. Disability insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance. Even oven, microwave & fridge insurance. Bottom line: We spend […]

Our Revealing Perceptions on Gender & Vice

Which gender is more likely to cheat on their spouse? To overreact? To watch pornography? To tell a lie? These are age-old debates, of course. And we can’t answer these questions for  sure without some pretty massive empirical studies. But ultimately, I don’t think it’s just the truth that we’re interested in. I think we’re equally […]

Facts don’t matter (in a way)

Facts don’t speak for themselves. Whenever anyone says they are “fact-checking” something, don’t believe it’s automatically an impartial truth test. It’s typically just another way of advancing a particular perspective, or a way of avoiding the complicated nuances behind the topic at hand. I think our modern, technical age encourages us to be too precise–too […]