My Course on How to Conduct a Market Research Survey

In October 2017, I wrote an article for Startup Grind.

I hacked it out on a whim. Took 90 minutes.

Over the next few months, I watched the article become one of the most popular market research articles in the world.

  • It gets thousands of views every month.
  • It’s by far my company’s biggest lead generator in 2018 (despite all the money we spend on Google Adwords).
  • It’s currently the #1 hit on Google for “startup market research.”
  • It’s led to dozens of entrepreneurs messaging me for more advice, or asking me to review their own surveys.

The market research world isn’t big, so it wasn’t long before I was approached about turning the content in the article into a more formal course. Udemy, Coursera, Teachable—you get the picture.

But the bottom line is I don’t have time for that. I’m busy. I run PeopleFish, and I have clients who depend on me daily.

Anyways, there’s nothing I’d record in a video that I can’t just write down. And I hate wasting people’s time with fluff—if I have something to say, I’ll publish it with as few words as necessary (not the best format for over-priced, excessively-long video courses).

So, long story short…

I expanded on that Startup Grind article in a 10-lesson, 7,000-word course explaining exactly how to run a market research survey for your startup idea.

I’m selling this course for $9.

So what exactly does $9 get you?

The course is hosted on one single, password-protected webpage here on my website.

In it, you’ll find 10 ever-expanding chapters on how to run a market research survey for your startup idea. I will update this regularly, and will let you know when I’ve made any substantial additions.

Here’s the list of chapters:

  1. Identifying Your Idea
  2. Designing Your Survey
  3. What’s in a Survey Platform
  4. Survey Programming? Piece of Cake.
  5. Ask the Right People
  6. Fielding Your Survey
  7. How to Clean Your Survey Data
  8. Insights, not Analysis
  9. Presenting to Investors
  10. Follow-up Surveys

Like I said, I add to these chapters regularly as I continue to design and program surveys for companies around the world. I may even add chapters in the future, if I decide that’s necessary.

This isn’t about me trying to make money. It’s about sharing high-quality content with people who care enough about their startup idea to spend $9 for content worth 10X that much.

If that’s not you, then pass on this course.

One last note, for transparency’s sake: A smaller, static version of this course is available at Highbrow, which charges $4/month to access it (plus all other courses). I stand behind that content, and that platform, 100%. But I don’t update that course regularly like I update the one offered here on this page.

To purchase the course, click here.