I recommend all books, essays, apps and other items on this page, based on my personal experience with them.

Learning economics
  • Human Action: Every attempt to study economics should include a thorough examination of this book.
  • Economics in One Lesson: This book reduces the whole teaching of economics to a few principles and explains them in ways that you will never forget.
Boosting your productivity
  • Getting Things Done: A work-life balance system that boosts my productivity and reduces my stress.
  • Google Keep: Perfectly intuitive digital post-it notes that I never lose.
Advance your career
  • See all your college classmates by region, industry and skills. These connections can be invaluable.
  • Upwork: Turn your skills into a part-time, your-terms job. Or hire someone within minutes to do what you can’t.
People who inspire me
  • Kyle Maynard: A congenital amputee who once bear-crawled 19,340 feet up Mt. Kilimanjaro. I met him in 2014.