Grief is tough because death is confusing

I used to like watching movies about kids whose moms died. That’s odd, maybe, but it’s true. My mom died when I was eight. I liked seeing how kids in movies reacted — how they might be like me. They never were like me. That’s because movies make death clean. Typically, the whole ordeal appears appropriately sad…More

What I learned from my brother

I shared this note on Facebook yesterday. It seems to have encouraged lots of people, so thought I’d share it here. I hesitated to publish this anywhere, at first. I wrote it for myself—to get my thoughts on paper. I hadn’t been able to do that in regards to my brother until last week. But…More

Grief is unscripted

To grieve doesn’t mean to be depressed. It doesn’t mean to be sad, distraught, or devastated. If it meant one of those things, it would be called one of those things. To grieve is to experience what happens after someone you love dies. This is different for everyone, and its form depends on circumstance. Grief…More