Borg on the three meanings of “faith”

I’ve taken these three points, quotes, and ideas from a poignant sermon by Marcus Borg. It’s on the meanings of the word “faith,” and what the differences between these three conceptions mean for the Christian life. Definitions of Faith Assent (or assensus): Faith as believing that something is true. It’s opposite is doubt or disbelief.…More

Another Marcus Borg selection

I’m on a Marcus Borg kick. Here’s another quote from a superb interview. He’s answering the question: “How do you respond to the criticism that many contemporary scholars are taking away so much. We’ve lost the divinity of Jesus, the inspiration of the Scriptures, no virgin birth, our understanding of the resurrection has been modified.…More

Marcus Borg: What is God?

I only just discovered Marcus Borg. He’s a “progressive Christian,” I suppose. A liberal theologian, though that meant something different 30 years ago (when he was most active) than it does today. But I’m not drawn to his teaching because of that label. I didn’t know who he was until I saw this video. What…More