market research

More Than a Dream

Many startup founders go into business to “follow a dream.” That’s fine, and most entrepreneurs start there. But actually growing a business is less a matter of passion+innovation and more a matter of calculated trial-and-error. The “dream” is important, but it needs to be wide enough to encompass any means of making things happen — even the […]

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My new course: How to Run a Market Research Survey

You have a product idea, but will it sell? Is it something people want? How much would they pay? Rather than trust your gut, get hard answers to these questions (and others) from real people in your target market. My new course at Highbrow will teach you exactly how to run an online market research […]

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My new article, plus working slower

I have a new piece at Startup Grind.  In it, I break down the essentials of designing a basic market research survey for a product or service idea. Quantitative market research (i.e. surveys) is a great way to validate a product or service concept. Further, investors are impressed if you can show them hard data—real opinions […]

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