Are Americans generally wealthier than Brits?

From Fraser Nelson at The Spectator: That fits our general idea of America: a country where the richest do best while the poorest are left to hang. The figures just don’t support this. As the below chart shows, middle-earning Americans are better-off than Brits. Even lower-income Americans, those at the bottom 20 per cent, are better-off […]

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Why poor?

Charles M. Blow penned a hard-hitting (and rather bitter) criticism today of what he calls a “part and parcel of conservative thinking”: that the poor are poor because they lack some basic value possessed in abundance by the wealthy. He writes: The roles of privilege, structural inequalities and discriminatory policies seem to have little weight, and the herculean […]

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I got published: The Key to Achieving “Lift-Off” for the Poor

I got published at ValuesandCapitalism.com. This time, I respond to an article by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof about poverty, children and so-called “safety nets.” “Sounds nice, but safety nets aren’t for lifting off. They are for catching falls. Lift-off requires a firmer foundation—one that can withstand the ebbs and flows of recession, unemployment […]

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