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Theodore Dalrymple

Daniels on bogus illnesses

Anthony Daniels (a.k.a. Theodore Dalrymple) on “bogus illnesses” and their relationship to tort law. Miracles are usually taken to mean that saints or relics cause miraculous¬†improvements, but the¬†tort law system causes miraculous deterioration¬†in people. According to this law, if a person does you wrong by act, omission or negligence, and you suffer from it, you […]

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Signs of the times

From the erudite Theodore Dalrymple at Taki’s Magazine: Since perfect peace cannot hold our attention for long, accustomed as we are to a life of constant stimulation, we tend, or feel the need, to focus our minds on the dramatic. Without violent manifestations of discontent and criminality somewhere in the world, we should soon grow […]

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It does nobody any favors

From Theodore Dalrymple: If we can sympathize only with the utterly blameless, then we can sympathize with no one, for all of us have contributed to our own misfortunes – it is a consequence of the human condition that we should. But it does nobody any favors to disguise from him the origins of his […]

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