Things I Recommend

I recommend all books, essays, apps and other resources on this page, based on my personal experience with them. They span the spectrum from productivity tools and survey platforms to books and self-education resources.

Advance Your Career

LinkedIn Alumni: See all your college classmates by region, industry and skills. These connections can be invaluable.
Upwork: Turn your skills into a part-time, your-terms job. Or hire someone within minutes to do what you can’t.

Boost Your Productivity

Getting Things Done: A work-life balance system that boosts my productivity and reduces my stress.
Google Keep: Searchable, digital post-it notes that you can’t misplace.
Lastpass: Securely store and organize all your passwords, and auto-fill (on Chrome) to save you time throughout the day.

Learning Economics

Human Action: Every attempt to study economics should include a thorough study of this book.
Economics in One Lesson: This book reduces the whole teaching of economics to a few principles and explains them in ways you’ll never forget.

Market Research

SurveyGizmo: I’ve used lots of survey tools. This one is the perfect balance of intuitive and advanced functionality.
Marketsight: Survey platforms can only take your analysis so far. Use Marketsight to glean advanced insights from your survey data.

Web Design & Development

Array Themes: Pixel-perfect WordPress themes for any occasion. I use their themes for all my websites.
Rob Hope’s Yo!Rob is the expert on one-page websites. His weekly videos move fast and keep me up-to-date on all the newest web design & dev trends.
SmallChat: I’ll give $100 to anyone who finds an easier-to-install and more streamlined website chat app than this one.