Nothing is wrong with you

Some midday inspiration from James Altucher (well, really from Gabi Uri, but featured today on Altucher’s blog). Gabi has no calf muscles, but holds the world record for for females holding the plank position.

I do remember the last thing Gabi said before she got off stage. The final moments of her talk.

She said: Sometimes people ask me, “What’s wrong with you?”

She said: “And I reply, ‘Nothing is wrong with me.’”

How often do you tell yourself that you aren’t cut out to be the person you want to be? That your dreams can’t become your reality because something immovable stands in your way?

Next time you do this, think of Gabi. Think of Kyle Maynard. Think of other people facing actual disabilities who do things everyday you won’t do yourself because it’s “too hard” or because you have some problem, some self-imposed inhibition, that keeps you from taking that first step. Then remember: There’s nothing wrong with you.

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