A Monday update

  1. I’m going to try and read one book per week for the rest of the year. Last week was The Exorcist. This week, What is the Bible? (Rob Bell, 2017). I’m saying this here in order to keep myself accountable.
  2. I’m shifting my work from Haven Insights to PeopleFish. This is a sort-of rebrand. It’s been a long-time coming. Bottom-line is my team and I are focusing less on long-term, traditional quantitative market research projects in favor of our unique, turnkey, startup-focused survey offer. It’s more in line with my personal goals, and I consider it a more scale-able model.
  3. I had a piece on startup market research published by Startup Grind last Friday. Would appreciate your “applause.”
  4. I’m increasingly convinced that my smartphone use is killing my brain—more specifically, my ability to focus, de-stress, and think deeply without getting distracted. And call me crazy, but I consistently feel tired when I’m not browsing on my phone. It’s like my body depends on social feed-driven dopamine rushes to keep my mind from trancing out. So I’m not using it anymore before 8 am or after 8pm. Again, saying this here only to keep myself accountable.

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