What is Kanye doing?

It’s simple.

He’s turning his financial empire into a non-profit.

He’s building a church.

Because he HATES the music industry stealing from his earnings. And he HATES the government taxing his earnings. And he HATES anyone that’s ever capitalized on his creativity.

He’s been saying as much for 15 years, now.

So the solution? Become the Church of Kanye.

No more taxes. Less competition. New revenue streams.

He outlined the plan in a recent interview. Watch 50 seconds of this video, beginning at 1:05:00.

The church will produce and sell the shoes. The church will produce and sell the albums. The church will produce and sell everything Kanye wants to sell. And do it all as part of its work for “the church.”

Which means non-profit. Not taxed.

I think it’s fortunate for him that the interviewer cut him off at the end. Before he finished the statement “a lot of people have capitalized on my creativity…”

Because now it’s not on record.

“…and now all of that gets to stay within what I’m doing .”

As in, the church.

His church.

Which pays him.

Which doesn’t pay the government.

Which is under his control.

This doesn’t mean his music is bad. It doesn’t mean he’s not a Christian. It doesn’t mean he’s lying.

But it does mean there’s more here than meets the eye, and that he’s being manipulative.

“No way,” you say. “Non-profits don’t create billionaires. If Kanye wants money, he’d set up his own record company. His own label. His own apparel.”

True. But he’s already done these things. So what’s next?

Kenneth Copeland is worth more than Taylor Swift. Joel Osteen is worth more than 50 Cent. Joyce Meyer is worth more than Barack Obama.

The Church of Kanye, coming to retailers, theaters, bookstores, and auditoriums near you.