Who is your enemy?

I think it’s important to believe this:

That the biggest enemy to you (and the way you want to live) is something inside of you, and not some “people” who are “out there.”

If you don’t believe this, I think it’s important to try hard to believe this.

If you find it prohibitively hard to believe this, consider your ultimate goals. What gets you up in the morning? What’s driving you? What makes you happy (or what do you think will make you happy)?

And if you still can’t believe this, meditate on this question: Does what I think makes (or will make) me happy depend on other people not being the way they are?

If your answer to that last question is yes, I think it’s a good sign that you will benefit from rethinking your entire outlook on life and completely getting rid of this belief.

There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way.